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Spiritual Life provides spiritual concepts, practices, and real-life examples to assist members in rediscovering their inherent spiritual abilities.

We are open to any belief system as we believe everyone is unique.

This community is based on a way of life designed to reduce the stress, drama, grief, or trauma we've experienced (or may be experiencing) in life.
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How to Handle the Ongoing Crisis in Our World (1)

Are you afraid, confused, or unsure most days?

A lot of people have asked me for tips on how to lose the fear, indecision, and anxiety.

1. Stop
2. Calm
3. Trust
4. Do

Today is about CALM. We can't think clearly if we're not calm. If we come at everything from a place of fear!

Take the next few days to do the "calm" practice.
It will help reduce any fear, stress, anxiety, confusion, etc. you may be experiencing!

(In the video I explain the practice first, then take you through each step.)

HIGHLY suggest you start writing in a journal.
1. Let out all your thoughts, emotions, etc. each day.
2. Write down your experience with the CALM practice each day.
3. Notice how things change for you as you DO these steps!

May "the calm" be with you . . . always.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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