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Spiritual Life provides spiritual concepts, practices, and real-life examples to assist members in rediscovering their inherent spiritual abilities.

We are open to any belief system as we believe everyone is unique.

This community is based on a way of life designed to reduce the stress, drama, grief, or trauma we've experienced (or may be experiencing) in life.
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Source Connection Meditation (Step 1)

This is Step 1 of a 4 step meditation and prep practice.
It is best to master each step before putting all the steps together.

Step 1 is CALM.

You can do this anytime you're feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed.
Stress at work? Commute driving you crazy? Relationship drama?
Only need a couple of minutes to feel relief!

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December 01, 2022
How's Your Energy Flowing? (SSJ 21)

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! :)

Today I'm sharing a quick way to reset the positive & negative electrical poles in your body!

This will help calm & balance you. You'll also feel like your "flow" is more on point.

We are in Chapter 10, page 131, practice #2 in "The Truth About Spiritual Gifts".

Homework: Do this practice at least 2 times in the next week (2-3 days apart). Let me know how it worked for you!

November 18, 2022
Grief During the Holidays (SSJ 20)

We are in Chapter 10 (pages 137-139) of "The Truth About Spiritual Gifts" book.

Our practice is GRIEF RELEASE.

If you are new to the community and would like to purchase a copy from your favorite bookstore, follow this link: https://books2read.com/SpiritualTruths

If you don't have a book, I've included a handout for the grief practice we'll be doing today!

The holidays can be a rough time for a lot of people. Maybe there are people missing from around the dinner table. Maybe you're not in the mood to celebrate because the tradition you grew up with has changed because of a death.

If you are in "fresh" grief or a lingering one, do the exercise in the book OR in the PDF provided.

The video talks a little about grief and my own experience with it.

Please leave any questions in the comments or contact me at: De@DeFletcher.com

Have a blessed holiday and I'll see you next week!

November 10, 2022
When's the Last Time You Grounded?

We're in Chapter 10 of "The Truth About Spiritual Gifts".
This chapter is all about healing practices.

Today I'm going to share a bonus practice that's not in the book!

It's how to ground for more energy, to relax, and to feel a part of mother nature. HIGHLY recommend you do this practice outside in bare feet if possible.

(Sorry, I couldn't do a new video today. My roof is getting replaced and it's WAY noisy.)

Homework: Do the grounding practice at least 3 times over the next week. See you next time!

November 18, 2022
Here's the PDF for the Grief Post

Sorry, I couldn't get the PDF on the initial post.
Here are the steps!

pdf preview
All You Have to Do is Disagree! (SSJ 16)

Did you pick the one belief you want to release?
If not, go back to last week's video and complete the homework.

For the next week:
1. Select your one belief.
2. Write a new belief to replace it.
3. Write your disagreement.
4. State your new belief and start reinforcing it.
5. Do the "Releasing Belief Practice".

Make sure to write everything in your journal!

This is in Chapter 9 of "The Truth About Spiritual Gifts" book.
If you don't have the book, I've attached the worksheets in the PDF.

Let me know if you have any questions!
Have an awesome weekend! :)

pdf preview
September 02, 2022
The Truth About You!

"And the people no longer recognized The Truth Within them through the smoke and illusion of their indoctrination."

Do you know the truth about you?

Some of us may have learned The Truth over time. Most of us were told (and believed) things about us that were NOT true.

And we have been carrying these falsehoods around with us our ENTIRE lives!

The lies are what keep us from being truly happy with ourselves and the world.

HOMEWORK: Read Chapter 7 in "The Truth About Spiritual Gifts" and complete the exercises. If you don't have a copy of the book. I've attached the PDF here.

Learn the truth about you! Then all you have to do is decide to not believe them anymore! Without the power of belief, they no longer bind you in chains of unhappiness or unworthiness.

pdf preview
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